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Terri Giuliano Long has previously been a regular columnist for Her Circle eZine and Indie Reader, with a number of her articles being syndicated to Huffington Post. As well as writing for the Boston Globe, Terri has been featured on Grub Street Daily and dozens of blogs on books, writing and publishing. Here you’ll find links to a number of Terri’s key pieces, with links to the full articles.

If you’re interested in Terri writing for your site, please email her assistant, Donna Brown.

Huffington Post

Several of Terri’s 2011 and 2012 articles were syndicated to Huffington Post, covering many aspects of publishing and its changing landscape.

Indie Reader

Terri is a regular columnist for IndieReader and a number of her posts for the site have been syndicated to Huffington Post. Terri writes for IndieReader about publishing issues and inspiration.

Grub Street Daily

Terri is a huge supporter of the work of Grub Street, and is quick to recommend them as a source of advice and support. She has also contributed inspiring articles to the Grub Street Daily.

Her Circle eZine

Terri was a regular columnist for Her Circle eZine, providing writing advice and sharing her personal experiences. These articles have now been posted on her own blog.